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Detailing is the process of bringing a vehicle to its best possible condition. Through decontamination, intensive paint correction, and some other techniques, we bring out the beauty that was hiding behind a mask of contaminants and swirls. Whether it’s a vehicle that just came out of the dealership or has been a daily driver for years we’ve got you covered!
Over time, your vehicle can lose its luster because of damaging effects of the environment. If your vehicle's paint has worn off and you want to get back the shine that it deserves, detailing can help you achieve that and a coating can help prevent the damages.
Let’s go over the process of detailing a vehicle:
  1. A thorough clean-up of the gaps and crevices where dust likes to collect.
  2. Using specialized chemicals to free contaminants from the surface.
  3. A detailed wash of the vehicle inside and out.
  4. Intensive paint correction to repair any defects on the clear coat and remove light scratches. It also gives the surface a beautiful shine (Surfaces with a matte finish receive a different treatment).
  5. The application of a sealant or a coating to preserve the shine and protect the paint.
The process of detailing is adapted to every vehicle’s specific needs, not all cars are the same. We use different techniques and methods to bring the vehicle to its best possible condition.
Advantages of Detailing:
  • A detailed vehicle is brought to its pristine condition and a coating or a sealant helps you keep it like that for a long time.
  • It reduces the chance of paint damage due to environmental factors.
  • It helps you in maintaining your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle becomes an instant head-turner.
Nano Protective Coatings
A nano protective coating is a chemical that is applied to the clear coat of a vehicle. It solidifies giving you a sacrificial layer that protects the paint. A coating will lock in the deep shine and gloss, after paint correction, for a long time. It will also protect the paint from environmental damages and fading. A coating makes it really easy to maintain the vehicle.
Nano coating is used on a whole variation of surfaces but in more recent years people have come to realize how fabulous it can be for vehicles as when liquid, such as rain comes in contact with the windows the film in which this coating creates causes the liquid to flow straight off instead of lurking on the windows, leading to accidents.
Here at ReflectOn Automotive, we take a great deal of pride in knowing that if you want this coating for your own vehicle, to improve it vastly, not only keeping your vehicle looking amazing but also keeping you and your passengers safe we could assist you amazingly.
Advantages of Ceramic coating:
Enhancement of Gloss
Coated paint surface will have better reflections with increased depth and gloss.
Enhanced Durability
Coatings last longer than traditional waxes and sealants due to chemical composition and bonding with the clear coat.
Protective layer
Coatings can add few microns to the paint surface and provides a protective layer.
Coatings provide hardness to the surface, which helps to resist minor washing scratches.
Easy Maintenance
Road tar, tree sap, bird Droppings, dust, etc are easier to clean along with water or shampoo and are repelled off the surface.
Resistant to fading
Resistance to fading with exposure to UV rays in sunlight.
Paint Protection Films
Paint protection film is a clear polyurethane film that protects the paint from physical damages like swirls, rock chips, etc. We only use premium paint protection films that have self-healing and hydrophobic properties. This makes your vehicle swirl-free and easy to maintain. Paint protection film is the ultimate form of protection for the paint.
Wrapping is an excellent way to change the color or finish of the entire car or certain parts of it without permanently changing the color. We also offer custom designs for wraps, these can help you make your vehicle unique.
Dual Tone Conversion
There’s usually a steep bump in the price for a vehicle in its dual-tone variants. The premium that you have to pay for the dual-tone version of your favorite car often isn’t justified. Let us help you save some money, and convert a regular variant into a dual-tone. We have a lot of options for a dual-tone conversion, from paint jobs, black PPF’s to a vinyl wrap. Give us a call, let us help you pick the right option.
Premium Car/Motorcycle Servicing, Repair, and Maintenance
Whether you just need a simple oil change or a complete servicing of your vehicle. The service technicians at ReflectOn can help you out! With state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience in dealing with premium cars and motorcycles, the experts at ReflectOn are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality. We treat each job with the same respect, honesty, and integrity that our customers have become accustomed to.
Motorcycle Restoration
Whether you just picked up a classic motorcycle that has seen better days or you want to give your old friend a new look. We can help you! With over 300+ restoration projects under our belt, we can help you transform your old clunker into a new beast.
Every bike is professionally inspected and thoroughly restored by a master mechanic with decades of experience. We pay close attention to every little detail and ensure that everything is restored to perfection, so you can be confident that every component is properly and expertly serviced. Motorcycles that are restored by us feel and ride as they did in the good old days. We can help you with customization, engine work, or complete cosmetic restoration.

Painting Services

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Custom Painting for cars and motorcycles

Custom painting is different from a full-body painting. A full-body painting usually includes 1 or 2 colors for the entire body of the vehicle with some accent colors. A custom painting includes customized designs and colors.

Full-Body Painting

With a full-body repaint, we can help you completely change the exterior look of your vehicle. The pricing for a full-body repaint is dependant on the condition of the vehicle and many other factors. You can book an appointment with ReflectOn for an inspection to get an estimate for your vehicle.
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Spray Painting

ReflectOn is an industry leader for auto-body repair with high customer satisfaction ratings. Skilled professionals at ReflectOn only use high-quality paints and materials to make your vehicle look as good as new. Whether you need complete or partial vehicle painting, we can help you. Rest assured that we’ll provide paint matching and a result that is second to none.

Calipers Painting

Just like customizing the color and finish of your alloys, changing the mundane color of your alloys can help you add a touch of color that attracts the eye and properly highlight the style of your rims. We offer a wide range of colors for your calipers, and only use heat resistant primer and heat resistant paint to ensure that the paint perfectly bonds to the surface and lasts for a long time.

Alloys Painting

Customising the right look for your vehicle can be challenging. With so many cars having similar alloy designs and colours it may seem a bit too ordinary. Painting and customising the alloys make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and reflect your style. You can let your creativity run wild with the variety of colours and designs available with ReflectOn. Whether you need an accent colour from the body of your vehicle to be carried on the wheels, or you want a completely custom colour to spice up your ride. We can help you!

Peelable Paints

Peelable paints are one of the go-to options for changing the color of certain parts of a vehicle without making permanent changes. This is often used for chrome deletes, removing accent colors, etc.

Premium Washing and Decontamination

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Premium wash

A premium wash at ReflectON includes a complete washing of the exterior of the vehicle. We use our signature washing methods and products to ensure that your vehicle looks the best it can at the same time significantly reduce the chances of paint damage.
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Pro Wash

A pro-wash is recommended for coated vehicles, especially vehicles that are coated with our flagship rubber coating. This includes everything in the premium wash and adds a special coating maintenance spray that would help prolong the life of the coating. In the case of a non-coated car, the maintenance spray would make the surface smooth, protected, and temporarily hydrophobic. The pro-wash also includes a vacuum of the interior and the use of our signature car perfume.

Decontamination Treatment

The decontamination treatment is recommended for cars that are in really bad shape. This may be due to excessive water spots, tar or bug deposits, contamination that is stuck to the paint and wouldn’t come off in a wash. The decontamination treatment starts with a complete clean-up of the exterior of the vehicle and the use of very strong chemicals that will help remove hard water marks, tars and bugs stuck on the paint, remove industrial fallout, and remove brake dust. This is followed by a thorough clean-up of the engine bay. The interior also gets an odour removal treatment followed by the use of our signature car perfume.

Quick Detail

A quick detail includes everything in the decontamination treatment. Quick detail includes thorough gap cleaning to ensure that we get the dirt and grime that is collected over time. Once the exterior is spick and span, we apply a high-quality wax that will protect the paint and keep it looking shiny and new. The engine bay gets cleaned up and detailed. The interior also gets an intensive deep cleaning to remove any odour or stains. Finally, the glasses get a water repellent treatment.


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