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Ceramic coating? No, Its Nano Rubber Coating for this Morris Garage Hector.

There are a lot of players offering ceramic coating for cars and bikes in Bangalore. ReflectOn, Founded in 2008, Established in 2011 is one among the pioneers of Ceramic Coating application in India. Perceiving ourselves as an industry child, we try to learn everyday to make ourselves better. During this quest, we had a chance to try out the Nano Rubber Coating from Maxprotect in the year 2013. Immensely happy with the outcome we ensured that the following few 100s of vehicles received this treatment and took consistent feedback from our customers only to find them very happy with the results and its ease of use. Maxprotect is a one of a kind fantastic coating that helps Detailers achieve some unbelievable results as well as ease of maintenance for the customers. Where Ceramic coatings failed- Nano Rubber Coating triumphed. Water spotting, swirls mark build up, depth, etc… which were a few flaws of the outdated ceramic coating were put to rest by the introduction of Maxprotect Nano Rubber Coatings.

Nano Rubber coatings require a very high skillset, patience, practice, training and most importantly authorization from Maxprotect India.

This MG Hector dropped in to experience the same treatment that we have been offering for about 10plus years at ReflectOn Automotive- Expert Detailing and Nano Rubber Coatings.

The process was followed diligently.

We installed Paint Protection Films of high grade (TPU-180Microns- Self Healing-Hydrophobic) on the Hood, Front and Rear Bumpers, followed with the regular decontamination, detailing and high quality paint correction and jewelling. Plastics were treated with plastics/trim coating, glasses were treated with Glass based coatings, Alloy with wheel coatings, and paint with the base coat of ceramic and top coat of rubber, the car’s paint turned deep and slick. With unmatched resistance from environmental factors – this Red Beauty is protected for years to come.