Common Misconceptions about coatings

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Even the best coating does not make your vehicle bullet-proof. Short of a paint protection film, no “snake-oil” magic potion exists that will protect your vehicle from all the potential hazards it is exposed to. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the things that ceramic coatings can’t do. To learn more about the different types of coatings click here. This blog will equip you with the right information, so you can make a good decision when selecting a coating for your vehicle.

Multiple Layers

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This is a very common scam that many vehicle owners fall for. The general perception that more is better isn’t always the case, especially in the detailing industry. A ceramic coating cannot be layered, this is just wasting the product and your hard-earned money. Professional Detailers do a second coat to ensure even coverage, not a second layer. Ceramic coatings bond to the clear coat, providing protection. They don’t bond to themselves. So, the next time you see someone trying to sell you multiple layers, walk away.

9H? 10H?

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This is also a marketing gimmick meant to mislead customers. Naturally, one would assume that they’re talking about the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. In which 10H would mean that the coating is as hard as a diamond. What they’re referring to is a pencil hardness scale, which measures the point where the coated surface starts to scratch. Although, this isn’t an outright scam. This is very misleading and overplaying the product.

You’re never going to have to wash your car after a coating

This is something that I hear very often. People claiming that they don’t need to wash their vehicles after a coating. This is a definite myth. It is true that a coating drastically cuts down the need for frequent washes, and makes washing the vehicle really easy. A coating does not completely eliminate the need for a wash. Regular upkeep and maintenance are very important to prolong the life of the coating. To learn how to easily extend the life of your coating by following a simple mechanism click here. 


How long a coating lasts, is completely dependent on how you maintain it. Many companies offer warranty schemes in the name of attracting more customers, going through these warranties with a fine-toothed comb will reveal the loopholes and fine print. Which will void your warranty.

Fireproof Coating

Seriously? Fireproof? Although some coatings, like Graphene, and metal-oxide do provide a thermal barrier. But that is to avoid high surface temperatures to prevent water spotting, staining, and etching. If god forbid, your car catches on fire. The last thing you worry about is if the paint on your fender survived the fire.

Scratch Proof Coating

This myth originated from YouTubers that demonstrated scratch resistance by scratching panels that have been ceramic coated, using the bottle cap trick. This misleads many into believing that a ceramic coating will prevent scratches. Some coatings do prevent scratches but to a very small degree, like light swirls, and minor washing scratches. If preventing scratches is what you’re after, PPF is the option for you. Click here to know more about PPF.

All Coatings are the same

This is a misconception that many have. The question, “Why should I pay someone more for the same thing?” has popped up in our heads at some point. It is important to understand that you’re not only paying for the coating, but also the extensive preparation that goes before it, and the professional application of the coating. It is sad, but true that we have witnessed brand new Ferraris and Porsches requiring repainting due to improper preparation and polishing techniques. 


It doesn’t take an expert to separate fact from fiction. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It is often these tall claims that bring a bad name to the industry, these myths set unrealistic expectations and under-deliver. This negatively impacts the reputation of coatings, it is imperative to understand the true purpose of a coating and what its limitations are. Check out this blog on What is Detailing? to get a better understanding of the topic. Reach out to a coating professional at ReflectOn Automotive to get a deeper understanding of what a coating can do for you. 

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